Fred Fugen insights from training at Skydive Spain

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Best moments of Fred


So, you were focusing on training with Lawrence, did you meet your goals? Did you meet the goals you guys set before you arrived?

  • Yes, we met the goals that we set because our goal was more a matter of volume we wanted to do at least 50 jumps and 200 maximum, but Lo has had a pain in the ears for a couple of days and there was a little bit of bad weather so at the end, we managed to do 65 jumps in nine days, which is great. So we met the goals.


What kind of training did you guys do?

  • We did a mix. We usually do a mix of free fly and wingsuit. But on the training camp, we did mostly wingsuiting, then a freefly. So we did about 55 wingsuit jumps and about 10 freefly. Most of them were two ways, but we did a few with some friends. 


When you train with Laurence. How do you contribute to each other’s development?

  • Well, first of all, we love to fly together and on every journey we improve our flying together. It’s more like getting us to be together in the sky and this is something that we love. For sure when we do training I more coaching Lauren’s than she is to me, but even for me to be able to train with somebody that improved so fast and to be able to do some really good training is always is always a really good training for me.


Your training happened in the middle of our Xmas Boogie. Even though you are not part of it, you saw the action firsthand. How would you describe it?

  • Well, I was really impressed about the Xmas Boogie in Seville. Because of the number of people that was there, I think it was about 200 people on the dropzone four planes running at the same time, and I could feel that it was really smooth and really fluid. Thanks to a man that was at the manifest. And of course, the whole staff of Skydive Spain that was that was helping a lot everybody. So I could see a big operation running really smoothly. Everybody was very happy. And it was very nice to see.


Did the event make your training more challenging?

  • No, the event did not make our training more challenging, because we got really good help from the manifest. And we were able to jump basically every second load with 15 to 20 minutes between every jumps. So it was a training very smoothly for us.



What would you say that Skydive Spain from other dropzone in the continent?

  • Well, it was a long time that I didn’t come to Skydive Spain I think since 2005. But what I can say is that I really feel the energy and the will from the staff and from Skydive Spain to make some spots skydiving happen. And it’s really nice to see because I think there is more and more dropzone in Europe, even the world that are focusing on tandem. And it’s very nice to feel that a dropzone like this want to make spot jumpers happy and want to have a lot of spots jumping in this SKY. So for this I think it’s really nice.


Did you have time to experience the surroundings of our Drop Zone?

  • Yes, actually, we did. One day we went 45-minute drive; we went to the south to Matalascañas where we try to do a little bit of paragliding. But the wind was not high enough, it was on the Christmas Day. But it was very nice to be able to go to the ocean and to the beach. It was cool even in the wintertime. And otherwise, what we check mostly was some really nice tapas restaurants at night that were really good in the village. And we also could spend a couple of two or three evenings in city. And I didn’t know Seville at all. So it was very nice to go around. So I would say that between city and the village that is close to the dropzone, and the ocean, it was a very nice time.


Going back to your training, can you share some of the project that you have planned for 2023?

  • Well, there is a few projects that are in preparation. The first one is a wingsuit project that’s going to happen in La Clusaz ski resort at the end of March so we are really looking forward to do this filming, which is going to be some wingsuit formation above the snow and then we also hoping to do a project in Tokyo which actually we are waiting for authorization to fly in Tokyo which would be amazing. And there is a couple of mock projects for 2023 But I cannot share more details. So I suggest you to stay tuned.


We, and many people, are curious about what Fred does when not rocking the skies. What is a typical day in Fred´s life when not jumping?

  • So, basically, I live in Chamonix and when I’m not jumping, I am spending some time on my computer, I am dealing with the sponsors trying to prepare for projects and basically, mostly prepare the projects because this takes a lot of time. Many people see the result of video, but don’t realize how much time it takes for the logistics and project preparation. So that’s basically what I do. And also especially in the wintertime, I like to go skiing. So spending time skiing, taking care of projects and stay with my wife at home with my cats.


Sorry, but we couldn´t avoid to include this question to end the interview. Any fun new year´s resolution in mind or already in the making?

  • Further, further, I always want to have fun. I am always busy having fun. And know basically for New Year’s I just want to train more and improve in freefly, in wingsuit and training in the winter tunnel a lot in Stockholm. Training also in the vertical wind tunnel to be able to do some really good projects and flight this year. This year 2023 is even more training and nice projects.


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your insights Fred. We look forward to have you and Laurence soon jumping in the sun at Skydive Spain!

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