Catching up with Andreas Mosling

Friday, February 3, 2023

X-mas Boogie day tape

  • What image comes to mind first when you think of our recent Xmas Boogie?

Sunshine, lots of smiles and lots of jumps!

  • How were you involved in the Boogie, what did you do?

I was Load Organising, making sure people had some fun and safe skydives.

  • Was this your first Xmas Boogie? (If not… next question – If so, how do you think it´s evolving over the years?)

This was my third XMAS boogie. I think it is the place to be in Europe if you are looking to do some cool jumps over the holidays.

  • For those who haven´t experience Skydive Spain´s Xmas Boogie, how would you describe it?

Sunny, warm and good vibes.

  • What do you take away from this Xmas Boogie?

I made a lot of new friends from all over the world, and it was great seeing old friends again. Then getting to share the skies with those people! 

  • In your opinion, what sets Skydive Spain´s Xmas Boogie apart from other Boogies?

Quality Aircraft, Organisation and weather. The DZ doing more than 1000 jumps on multiple days says something about the volume of jumps being done at this boogie.

  • We are just starting the new year. What plans do you have for 2023?

Lots of skydiving and flying planned. Spending winter traveling around skydiving and tunnel flying in Europe, Dubai and America. Some skiing and speedriding at home in Voss. Then summer in Europe for more skydiving, paragliding and speedflying.

  • Are participating in any other skydiving events this year?

I have a lot of events in the calendar already. Some of the highlights are TrackAttack in Skydive Tønsberg, Moving Days in Skydive Voss, Adventure Boogie in Skydive Bovec, Mountain flying camp in Skydive Bovec and mega stoked about a Skydiving Expeditions – Norway edition –  where we will be skydiving from the south of Norway to the middle, jumping in some of the most beautiful locations I have ever been. Such a cool list of places that are breathtaking to see during a week of skydiving all at different locations 

  • Sorry, but we couldn´t avoid to include this question to end the interview… any fun new year´s resolution in mind or already in the making?

More flying, more fun, being less sh** 😉

Thanks again for having me at the X-Mas Boogie!! Looking forward to the next one!!

Thank you Andreas!

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