Halloween Fun Jumping Weekend

Friday, October 9, 2020

Come join us for Halloween!!

We are getting ready for some Halloween skydiving this year and we would love to have you take part of it.

On the 3-day weekend of Friday 30th of October to Sunday 1st on November we will be celebrating this festivity at our dropzone in different ways, and we have something special prepared for our fun jumpers.

Come dressed up in your “jumpable” favourite costume during the Halloween weekend and participate in a Giveaway of 5 jumps for the best costume of the weekend. To participate, your costume will have to meet the following safety regulations:

  1. The costume must be a minimum of knee length and 3/4 sleeve (covering your elbows).
  2. Bulky accessories, masks, capes and any other items that may come loose during the free-fall, such as magic wands, are not permitted to go with you on the skydive.
  3. The costume cannot be made of or include rigid parts (metal or otherwise) that could cause injury to you or other skydivers.
  4. Wigs are allowed only if worn over a helmet. Wigs must be made out of soft materials that can´t cause injury in the event of getting loose or detaching from the helmet.

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